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There has been a dire situation in Moria Camp, Lesvos, Greece. It seems that the situation is improving as donations and volunteers have arrived in greater numbers, but there are still many vulnerable people, including families with small babies who do not have access to adequate support, shelter or food and as such are suffering extremely poor health in large numbers.

How to help: 

Very up-to-date info on donations and for volunteers:

There are several useful Googledocs spreadsheets that are regularly updated and show:

The following small crowd-funded groups of volunteers are responding and are accepting donations:

Filling the Humanitarian Gaps on Lesvos

Help Anyway – a group of people with a medical background from the North West UK are going to Lesvos to provide medical care. Ways to donate here, including an address to send cheques to and their Amazon wishlist.

Help Refugees Arriving in Mytilene, Greece – a British family who live on Lesvos who are working to support refugees arriving on the north coast of Mytilene. Donate items via their Amazon Wishlist.

Refugee Aid to Lesvos – a UK volunteer is collecting funds to provide refugees with disability aids, medical equipment and food.

Lesvos volunteers

Lighthouse – Refugee Relief on Lesvos 

Refugee Child

Starfish Foundation – Help for Refugees in Molyvos  – see link for info on cash donations and donating items.

The Village of All Together 

Boat Refugee Foundation (link in Dutch but FB translates automatically) are a charity based in The Netherlands Stichting Bootvluchteling. You can donate to them here. Pages again are in Dutch but can use translation software fairly easily.

Calaid are apparently now working to get support to the area

Eva Mama Medical Aid – a medic from the UK working in Lesvos collecting donations for medical supplies

Lesvos Refugee Crisis

Want to Volunteer?

As of week commencing 1st December there is an urgent need for medics in the Moria Camp, Lesvos. If you cna helo, contact Refugee Aid.

Greek Island Volunteers – is a website containing a range of information for people wanting to volunteer across Greece, including where help is needed, travel and other relevant information. Lesvos info.

Lesvos Volunteers

Lighthouse – Refugee Relief on Lesvos

Medics for Greece

Offtrack Alliance – coordinate activity on Lesvos, and have some information for volunteers and volunteer medics here.

Volunteer’s Coordination Team, Lesvos

People to People Solidarity – Southern/SE Europe – is a Facebook group coordinating aid and support across the region, including Samos. View their pinned post for information on posting items to Lesvos (and elsewhere), items needed and ways to volunteer.

See Refugee Volunteer Map for a range of volunteering opportunities across Europe, with colour coding for the most urgent situations.

Useful information for volunteer medics (and of

This website Refugee Info contains information for volunteers and refugees in Lesvos and Kos, in five languages.

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